Pain in the Neck

Have you ever had pain in the nape of your neck or back? Did you tend to brush it off as the fact you could have slept on it wrong? It possibly could be that or it could be a bulging disc in your neck.

Bulging Disc in Neck Leads to Severe Neck Pain.

Bulging Disc

A bulging disc is a condition where the intervertebral tissue becomes dislocated but the outer layer of the disc is still intact. This could also be compared to a herniated disc. A herniated disc often occurs from the result of an injury or some type of trauma to the spin.

There are different causes for developing a bulging disc in the neck. You could develop this if you turn your neck oddly or in an unnatural way. It could happen during physical activities or playing rough games such as wrestling, basketball, or boxing. It could also be from an accident. The impact could cause dislocation in the discs.

Activities which make your head bend downwards for long periods of time could cause bulging discs in your neck. Another cause could be arthritis and degenerative spin conditions which could contribute to long term problems. If you have poor posture, wear bad footwear, and have poor sleeping habits these also contribute to a bulging disc.



The first time you will feel pain it will be rather mild. However, the pain becomes more severe if it is left untreated. There is a chance that you will have difficulty moving your neck. Another symptom is back paina sharp lower back pain which can be felt with quick movements.

Your arms and legs could also give you symptoms from this condition. You could have pain in your buttocks which may be a direct consequence of physical overextension. If overextension exists you could alter the placement of discs. This hampers their function which will lead to bulging discs.

When the discs lose some of their ability to act as cushions, it is due to the loss of water content. If this occurs then it could lead to more stress and tears as this cycle repeats itself. If you have tingling sensation or a feeling of numbness these are also symptoms. This is called paresthesia and it feels like a limb is ‘falling asleep’.

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Bulging Disc in Neck Symptons


The way a bulging disc is diagnosed is with an MRI or CT scan. These particular tests will help determine whether or not it is a dislocated or ruptured disc. It will also determine if it is a bulging disc in the neck or if it is a herniated disc. In order to provide the proper treatment an accurate detection is very important. Always be certain you get the right diagnose, it even helps to inform yourself before you go to the doctor. This way you will be able to tell more eloquently about the symptoms you are facing as you have read about them.



There are some doctors that would like to wait on any type of treatment. This is an attempt that it will heal on its own without conservative treatment. They will try having their patient use anti-inflammatory medicine and using stretching exercises which could be done at home.

There are exercises you can do to help relieve the pain. There are some simple things you can do. For example: keep your legs elevated when you are sleeping, don’t wear high heeled shoes, putting your feet at a higher level than your hips if you are sitting for long periods of time, bend from the knees instead of the back when you are lifting heavy objects. You could try yoga. Yoga is very popular treatment for bulging discs.

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Bulging Disc in Neck Treatment Massage
You could also add heat or ice as a method of treatment. You should ask your doctor which one could prove to be more effective for the condition in which you have. A massage might also work for you. The massage will help you relax those muscles in your neck and back which could help you feel better. Another option could be going to a chiropractor. The chiropractor could help with manipulative assistance towards alleviating the pain and also be of assistance in helping the disc to heal.

If your case is extremely severe then you could be advised to have bulging disc surgery. Another reason surgery might be an option is because if you are experiencing weakness along with continuous pain this could indicate that the disc is pressing against the spinal cord or the nerves or if there has been no pain relief from the conservative treatment after six to twelve weeks. This would be called discectomy. The disc would be removed and then replaced with a metal disc. This is definitely curable.

A key in preventing bulging disc in your neck would be to reduce the stress on your spin and make sure that you receive adequate rest.
If you start to feel pain in your neck, back, arms and or leg, tingling sensation, or feeling of numbness you need to see your physician. The sooner you are checked out the better. If you do have a bulging disc in your neck the sooner you begin treatment the faster you could be on the road to no pain.

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